Lavish Styles Quick Facts

Alias: None
Date of Birth: 3/3/1989
Home Town: United States
Measurements: 34D-25-37
Height: 5’3
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Lavish Styles Biography

Naughty ebony babe Lavish Styles was born in the United States in 1989. Lavish made her adult industry debut in 2007. During her first year in the adult industry Lavish featured in three adult feature films which fell in to a variety of niches including hardcore, young, ebony, lesbian and mature.

Lavish Styles stands at 5’3 and weighs 121lbs. Lavish has a perfect pair of all natural 34D titties which her fans love and they look absolutely perfect on her bottom heavy 34D-25-37 figure. Lavish does not currently have any known piercings but she does currently have a tattoo of a flower with a hummingbird above her pubic area, a devil on her right leg, β€˜Christopher’ on her right forearm and a praying hand on her right upper arm.

During her adult career Lavish Styles has featured in films for a variety of adult production companies including Hustler, Bangbros, Digital Sin, Red Light District, Naughty America, New Sensations and Ninn Worx. Lavish has also had the opportunity to work alongside some big names in the adult industry including Zeina Heart, Dakoda Brookes, Cameron Love, Haley Scott, Rachel Starr, Tyra Banxxx and Madison Scott.

39 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. bill young says:

    how can i get ahold of her to use her in a film

  2. Curious says:


    Do you really *only* do white guys?

    Well, whatever pleases you, but it’s so unfair.

    I’m jealous.

  3. kyle says:

    hi lavish you are one sexy chick i think u do a good job in the porn business but how much would it cost to have sex wit u

  4. Chiyoko Kageyoshi says:

    why doesn’t she do black people?

  5. Fredrik says:

    Hi Lavish.

    I really would like to get in tuch with you, mayby you can mail me… I would like to arrange a meeting for a movie here in sweden and it would be an honour for us to have you in the film…


  6. guiseppe says:

    Hello sweety!

    How are you? Me fine.
    I write this mail because I like your style.

    You are very good in your job. I live in the Netherlands.
    When you want I can give you my pics.

    I will ask you if I can meet you if that is possible? Why? Because I am a fan from you.

    And maybe we can do more? You never know haha..
    And how much it costs to make a private movie with you?


  7. Chris says:

    Hey Lavish,

    Just wanted to say that what you do is great and I’m a fan of your work and you’re awesome keep up the good work.

    Your Fan,

  8. Siddharth says:

    Real Darling. Amazing. Even competitive than the blonde pornstars. The long nails with excellent art, a major seductive part. excellent. Can I have her email id.

  9. joey says:

    hi lavish you are one sexy porn star in the business i wood like to meat you i live in staten island ny when will you be her in ny i really would like to get in tuch with you because i am a big fan and maybe we can do more keep up the good work

  10. Richard says:

    Dear Lavish,

    You are my top pornstar and favorite favorite pornstar ever. I actually would date you not just for sex, but a real relationship. Lol hit me back :]]

    From Your Lover and most favorite,

  11. Danzy says:

    Dear Lavish

    you are my true porn star hero and i just love you n everything you do.

  12. she's so hot and so cute, i wanna f*ck her. says:

    Danm! u look like a girl dat I never seen, I luv ya so much please hit me back coz I got a present 4 ya.

  13. Todd says:

    Hey Lavish,

    I was wondering why dont u have sex with black men?

  14. Former entainer says:

    I want to tell you when they say you are sitting on a Million Dollars ,you actually are,My Gosh you look like Rhianna’s,Identical twin ,for real ,and you should cash in on it,and I don’t mean in a negative way because you could actually teach her how being sexy is actually done.

  15. David Austin says:

    Lavish You have to die your hair like Rihanna Red, and do a video…..PLEASEEE

  16. GuiGui says:

    Yes for the Red Hair… Petition begins !

    Lavish I love you !

  17. alex says:

    PLEASEEE!!!! do anal ass to hot

  18. alex says:

    you my favorite porn star ever!!!perfect body

  19. quetarri says:

    2 be real im not big on porn but when i saw a pic of u i started watchin u. u are sexy and i kno u get this a lot. i love how u move your body and i like your style and how u rub on youself. honestly u da only porn star i ever watched. when i watch u my dick get hard and i wish u could see it. u a dancer dats wassup. i go to strip clubs wish u were there. but 4 real i really want 2 chill with u and i really want 2 suck on your big ass titties and smack u on da ass. im in petersburg va and email me if u wanna talk

  20. Dillon says:

    Hi Lavish:
    Most of these guy’s are immature all they see u as a women of sex an not a human being. It’s sad i feel for these guys seeing that they may never respect women honestly “I’m not saying all of u are like that” but truly in your business u must see creeps like them alot doesn’t mean u should have to put up with them i not only watch your shows but i also respect you.

  21. Montana says:

    You are freaking awesome my first time seeing you was a girl on girl scene and I love it… I don’t think Ive seen anything else other then your girl on girl scene don’t want to ruin the image… You rock Boo

  22. Manuel says:

    She’s fucking beautiful. I wanna fuck her like the fuckhole she us.

  23. DANIEL says:

    lavish you are a beautiful woman and i hope i get to enjoy seeing your sexy chocolate self for years to come πŸ˜‰

  24. mikey says:

    hey Lavish, you are a very sexy and beautifull give and my wish is that we could do something together πŸ™‚ I’ hope that day wil come xxx

  25. mikey says:

    so lavish, i really want to do it with you please let me know πŸ˜€ its really my wish hahah love youxxx

  26. Brad says:


    The boob job is wonderful. You put it down in that Brazzers scene. Got a man fallin in love with you n shit lol. But keep doin your thing stay positive and of course get this money. I’ll be watching πŸ™‚

  27. Recovering schizo bipolar adhd says:

    Damn why havent you had black dick or at least chinese dick you make me sad πŸ™ . I want to jerk of looking at black dick inside you jackie chan dick. hell if you dont do interracial ill stick a black dick on my own butt. i love dick and am obsesse about what color dick you insert. btw i want to make a request next time play with 22 incch blk dick and make it an uncircumcised one πŸ˜€ but get medical insurance in case you go paralyze. In yes am gay πŸ˜‰

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hi I’d love to get in contact and take you to my private office. Id been a fan of yours sine 07′ . And I got to say You got the best damn biggest nipples Ive seen And you gaining weight made you cute. I even caught my grandmom watching you. I love black now and will tell my mom thank you big sexy lip and big nipples that make little bill happy πŸ˜‰

  29. Phil E. Drifter says:

    “big names in the adult industry including Zeina Heart, Dakoda Brookes, Cameron Love, Haley Scott, Rachel Starr, Tyra Banxxx and Madison Scott.” Who?

    Lavish Styles is the only name I recognize.

    I love you, Lavish!

  30. Mike says:

    Hey Lavish, I just wanted to say you are my favorite porn star of all time. It used to Be Ayana Angel, but after seeing you I just fell in love and couldn’t stop watching your films. I love the new curves that u have and the blond hair. You look so different that I thought there were 2 women with that name. As all of the guys have said, PLEASE do more scenes with black guys. When I’m watching porn I like to imagine its me having sex with u. And thats hard to do with your movies being filled with white guys. I can only think of 2 movies where u are with a black guy. I have one of them and I’m about 2 buy the other one. If u can please email me forget in contact with me.

  31. Albu says:

    Hey lavish! You are looking so hot. Maybe. Wenn could fuck together. Falls mehr per e-Mail please. You deliciojs babe. I want that you getan my first babe.

  32. beethoven50 says:

    Hey Lavish recently found a review on TER. Love to see you . Please email me. I think you’re gorgeous.

  33. John Wakefield says:

    What is Lavish doing nowadays? feels like she hasn’t done a movie in ages and she hasn’t said anything about quitting (for all i know) I’d love an update!

  34. Ryan says:

    Hi Lavish,
    love your style, and movies.
    My question is are you hiring? or would you hire me I’m interested in getting into the adult film industry. would like to hear from you

    Ciao, Ryan

  35. dave yerama says:

    you are very beautiful! I hope you find what you are looking for.
    You deserve it. You are the best.

  36. Tony says:

    Hey gorgeous I would like to make some private movie with you …writ me back …kisses

  37. Tonytatts says:

    U are sexually the most ridiculous woman I have ever seen…ur a dream lay for any guy…u need a blue collar guy to lay the pipe on you

  38. Mark says:

    You are awesome.
    Wanted to know if you do any shows around the country and if so do you have a schedule you could share with the public

  39. charly drizzy says:

    some people confuse u with rihanna

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